Josh Rodriguez



I’m a dreamer it’s true but really, I’m just a storyteller with a camera. I don’t look at you as a “client”, but a collaborator in search of a creative story to unveil. I focus on capturing and hopefully inspiring emotion. In a world where many focus on the technical details I try to seek out the emotional impact of the day at hand. Be it in the form of music, image, voice or a combination of all three I try to capture and store it on camera. Truth be told, I want to look back and say, that I’ve captured and shared the purest emotions in life. 

My goal is to create films that bring you back to where it all started. As an aspiring creative, I want to discover your vision as well as mine to collaborate to evoke a feeling that lasts a lifetime. Your film is so much more than just a shot-list. It’s the idiosyncratic moments, in combination with the moments we anticipate that produce an epic film. It’s a discovery waiting to happen, so let’s make it happen!


Drop me a line. Let's talk about your film!